• CE4 Electronic Cigarette Kit
  1. CE4 Clearmoizer: 1.6ml of e-liquid
  2. When fully Charged, the battery powers over 800 puffs
  3. Ten seconds of continuous use causes the bottom to cut-off.  After a few seconds the device can be used normally again.  If the light on your bottom (or illumination ring, depending on your model) flashes ten to fifteen times while pressed, this may mean the battery needs to be charged.
  4. Charging Time: 2-3 Hours
  5. Battery Life: 300 Charges
  6. USB Input: DC4.5-6V 500mAh
  7. USB Output: DC4.2V 400mAh

Comes with:

  1. CE4 Electronic Cigarette w/tank
  2. Battery Charger

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CE4 Electronic Cigarette Kit

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