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Faq's and Tips

frequently asked questions

What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device which heats up dried herbs wax or oils to a temperature at which they release their active components into vapor at which point the vapor is inhaled. This vapor doesn't contain the toxic elements found in smoke. An Ecig is a device which heats liquid solution typically made of propylene glycol which is then vaporized , the vapor also contains none of the toxic elements found in cigarette / cigar smoke and is considered to be much healthier than analog cigarettes. Typically the difference between vaporizer / Ecig sets is mainly the contents being vaporized although many sets today are 3 in 1 meaning they come bundled with interchangeable attachments allowing them to vaporize any content without changing the device.

What's the difference between a vaporizer and a bong or water pipe?

In a typical water bong the smoke or vapor is passed through water before inhalation which filters various tars and toxic gasses , this is believed to make a much healthier alternative to blunts , cigars , and other various methods of herbal combustion ,  vaporizers also acheive much healthier inhalation by heating the material to the point of vaporization without combusting thus preventing many toxins and tars from being inhaled.

Are Ecigs really that much healthier than smoking Cigarettes?

Yes, there is no doubt about that. Although some argue that long term studies have not been conducted to show possible potential long term harm from vaporizing , Ecigs studies show vaporizing to be a much healthier and less damaging practice than conventopma; analog cigarettes , many users also claim that Ecigs allowed them a much smoother transition to quitting all together , something patches or gum was not able to do for them.

Does a vaporizer smell when using it?

Compared to smoking, there is very little noticeable smell when vaping herbs , waxes or oils and typically theres none at all when vaping e-juice via ecigs. There can be a slight scent from herbal vaping , and when an herbal vaporizer is used at high temps thus combusting some of the material but overall odors are minimal and a fraction of that produced via cigars or cigarettes.

Does it matter what type of heating element a vaporizer has?

Different vaporizers use different kinds of heating elements depending on the material they are intended to vaporize , some use coils for liquid , some for herbs and some for waxes , most vaporizers also have replaceable coils allowing the heating element to be replaced without the need to replace the entire set.

What's the difference between conduction and convection?

Conduction refers to heating herbs by direct contact, whereas convection refers to heating them with a flow of hot air.

Why are some vaporizers so expensive?

Some vaporizers are more expensive than others and at Pier420 we try to provide a wide range of options for different budgets and price ranges , some vaporizers might be expensive because of the materials used (borosilicate glass, metal, heat resistant plastic etc.), the heating technique used  (IE the type of heating element, analogue or digital temperature control etc.) or both. A good vaporizer doesn't have to be expensive, we have many popular highly rated options under $50 as well as many premium options for users looking for an extra smooth / refined experience.

Is it difficult to use a vaporizer?

Generally not, but this depends on the type of vaporizer most Ecigs are very straight forward , simply press a button and inhale , refill when the liquid tank is empty. For some herbal models emptying and refilling the herb chamber or cleaning the vaporizer can be a bit bothersome and if thats the case you may want to make sure you get a set with a larger herbal chamber so that refilling and repacking will be less frequent.

How do I clean a vaporizer?

Again, this depends on the type of vaporizer. Most sets come packaged with cleaning tools and brushes for cleaning and maintenance , we suggest cleaning your set after each or every other use if using a wax or herbal vaporizers , typically Ecig vaporizers require less use and only need to have the coil replaced regularly.

The vapor makes me cough. Is there something I can do to prevent this?

It is likely that you're vaporizing at a temperature too high. Though it can be nice to inhale very concentrated white vapor (because of the strong effect), it is difficult to keep this in the lungs. Lower the temperature and the coughing will likely stop , also if using an herbal vaporizer than you may want to install a mesh screen to prevent any combusting as it could be giving a harsher vape if the matter is directly touching the coil.

Is it legal to possess a vaporizer?

In most countries vaporizers are legal to possess and vaporizers are marketed for the use of tobacco and legal herbs, however local police officers might still seize your vaporizer if they suspect it's being used for illegal substances like (medical) marijuana. Also concerning Ecigs , although not considered to be "cigarettes" you may want to check with your local laws concerning them as the atmosphere is constantly changing regaurding where Ecigs are allowed to be used or banned publicly.

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