• Kayfun Lite RBA Atomizer Set

The Kayfun Lite Plus is a self-winding stainless steel evaporator tank and is based on the same vacuum system as the Kayfun 3.1. The internal structure of the evaporator chamber is identical. It is wound with resistance wire and silicate cord. The modular design of the Kayfun Lite plus using different tank sleeves, and accessories such as the full polycarbonate tank and the extension tube can (not supplied) different shape and extend to long mode. Unlike the 3.1 Kayfun he has no Collector tank and is therefore exactly 8.5 mm shorter, which makes it a compact companion for everyone.

Technical FeaturesTank sleeves compatible with Kayfun V3 Kayfun V 3.1, Kayfun LiteLuftzugregulierung about grub screw in the baseExtension to long mode (accessory required)Evaporator is completely disassembled and therefore easy to clean and maintain. All connections of the items are inserted and screwed with fine threads.

Specifications:Evaporator tankDiameter stainless steel tank: 22 mmDiameter polycarbonate tank (accessory): 23 mmLength (without Driptip 510er and connection): 51.5 mmLong Mode: 72.5 mmMaterial: Stainless steel, polycarbonateFilling volume: 4.5 mlLong mode: 10 ml (accessory required)Connector Type: 510

Surface: Brushed

Items that come with Kayfun Lite

Full Atomizer with clear and ss tank window

Spare parts

screw driver

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Kayfun Lite RBA Atomizer Set

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