• Cloutank M3 Vaporizer Kit Dry Herb & Wax All in one Set

The Cloutank M3 complete starter kit offers an all in one new advanced easy to use system to vaporize your favorite dry herbal or wax products all from one vaporizer setup. The Cloutank M3 by cloupor brings your vaporizing experience to the next level! The M3's Premium built design and simple to use and clean system makes it one of the very best dry herb vapor solutions available to date. Self Cleaning is a One push operation allowing you to clean the chamber easily without any tool set or removing the chamber also allowing you to "re-mix" your herbs inside the chamber with just a simple push. The cloutank m3 atomizer & f1 battery full vaporizer kit are an excellent way to enjoy your dry herbs or wax. While much more healthier than combusting cigars , the cloutank m3 is also much more efficient maximizing your precious herbs while delivering a rich super enjoyable vaporizing experience

Package includes:
F1 Premium High capacity Battery
Cloutank M3 Vaporizer (with dry herb coil head)
M3 wax coil head: 2x
M3 dry herb coil head: 2x
M3 glass
Wall charger
USB line
Cleaning tool
Small dab tool
User Manual


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Cloutank M3 Vaporizer Kit Dry Herb & Wax All in one Set

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