• Cloutank M4 Vaporizer Starter Kit with F1 Battery for Dry Herb & Wax All in one Set

The Cloutank M4 complete starter kit offers an all in one new advanced easy to use system to vaporize your favorite dry herbal or wax products all from one vaporizer setup and with all new upgrades over the M3 the Cloutank M4 is the newest cutting edge addition to the cloutank line. The M4 Includes a Detachable burner coil allowing the chamber and coil to be swapped or cleaned very easily.  The Cloutank M4 patent design chamber allows user to "re-mix" the dry herbal leaves inside the chamber without opening the chamber,which allow the users to reach all of the contents.  The M4 now sports an even larger capacity tank than the M3 as well as a double filter creating premium pure clean vapor and an even more enjoyable experience! The Cloutank M4 also includes an all new Airflow control system allowing precise airflow control to the user for HUGE cloud delivery and even larger hits over the m3.  The cloutank m4 atomizer & F1 battery full vaporizer kit are an excellent way to enjoy your dry herbs or wax and if your a fan of the Cloutank series or prior m3 owner your sure to love this newest addition by cloupor !


F1 Battery Features:

F1 Battery is equiped with a metal button and circle LED halo lit ... it's a 650mah capacity battery - perfect for suit or coat pockets and provides discretion when using in public/professional settings.
F1 Battery HALO LIGHT indicators: red = 0-2% capacity, yellow = 2-50% capacity, green = 50-100% capacity

Package includes:

1x Cloupor M4 Vaporizer
1 x Cloupor F1 Battery
2 x M4 dry herb coil head
2 x M4 Wax coil head
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Cleaning Tool
1 x Wall charger
1 x USB charger
1 x User manual
1 x Retail Box


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Cloutank M4 Vaporizer Starter Kit with F1 Battery for Dry Herb & Wax All in one Set

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