• Vamo V6 20W Variable Voltage Apv Mod Set

Introducing the all new Vamo V6 20w apv mod vaporizer, the 20w version 6 vamo has some major improvements over older versions. Some of the features the 20w v6 now features are the ability to adjust the cut-off from 0-30 seconds for a very long drawn out or short hit depending on preference. The center contact pin is adjustable with a phillips head so you'll never have a connection issue. Only the bottom battery tube is removable on the 20w v6 version where as both tubes are removable on the V5. This is for converting to the smaller 18350 battery upon preference. The V6 is now capable of showing the current (amps) on the main display via the menu. 


Variable Wattage 3.0 - 20.0 Watts (0.5 watt increments)
Adjustable Center Contact Pin
Improved Display & Menu System
Memory Function
Works with 1 - 18350 Battery, or 1 - 18650 Battery (not included)
Reads Atomizer Resistance
Protection: Over Discharge, Short Circuit, Reverse Battery, Low Resistance
Connections: eGo or 510
Dimensions: Width Approx 22mm 18650 5-1/2'' L x 7/8'' D 18350 4-1/4" D L x 7/8" D
Variable Wattage: 3.0 - 20.0 watts in 0.5 watt increments
Maximum Output: 5 Amps
Minimum Atomizer Resistance: 0.8 ohm SUB OHM
Displays: Output wattage, output voltage, battery remaining, and one of the following you choose:
atomizer resistance, current, smoke time, or puff count
Battery Configurations (not included):
1 18350 with 1 tube
1 18650 with 2 tubes
Low Battery Voltage/Over Discharge Protection: At 3.4v the device stops working
Cut Off: 0 - 30 Seconds (you choose this in your settings, default is 8 seconds)



Short Circuit Protection
Reverse Battery Protection
Low Resistance Protection
Over Discharge Protection (Below 3.4v Shuts Down)

1 Vamo V6
1 Box Packaging
1 Instruction booklet
+  Full Set includes Starter Tanks Battery charger & 18650 Battery

How Tos

To turn the device on: Click 5 times and HELLO & system on is displayed
To adjust wattage: Press the + or - button
If you see 'without atomizer' that means it's not making connection. Adjust your center pin and retry.
If you see 'atomizer connected' then you can proceed
To enter the menu system: press the + and - button together for 2 seconds. Move through the menu by the + or - buttons as the up or down.
Display: changes what you see on the main display. You can choose one of the following: RESISTANCE, CURRENT (AMPS), SMOKE TIME, PUFF COUNT, EXIT
Screen: allows you to turn the screen ON or OFF for stealth
Mobile: allows you to output power (ON or OFF) like a powerbank for another electronic device. 
Setting: Allows you to set MANUAL, which is your cut-off or otherwise called vaping time from 1 - 30 seconds. AUTO is where you'll push the button one click and the device auto fires for the duration, from 0 - 30 seconds. CLEAR PUFF clears your puff counter. RESTORE will clear the memory & restore to factory defaults. And, of course, EXIT





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Vamo V6 20W Variable Voltage Apv Mod Set

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