• Click N Vape Portable Mini Herbal Vape Pipe Torch

Introducing the Click N Vape butane Vape, simply load the Click N Vape with your favorite herbs then click it and start smoking its that simple! The large burn chamber holds your stash, click the button to ignite and inhale as usual; when you are done put it in your pocket for later. Smoking has never been easier with Click N Vape ! There is no need to have to "pack it up" every time you want a hit. Forget about smoking left over clips that smell terrible. This device will save you time and will maximize efficiency so you get the most smoke without the waste. Click-N-Vape is made of aircraft quality billet aluminum and feature a powerful torch lighter heat source that burns your herbs perfectly. Just imagine this - no smoldering waste, you get every bit of smoke on demand! The lighter portion can also be used as a standalone torch lighter, it is butane refillable and features flame power adjustment. The mouth piece is comfort formed and features a unique clog resistant, pull threw proof carbon filter that purifies the smoke and keeps the mouthpiece cool to the touch. Get one for yourself or buy one for a friend; this is the perfect gift for all smokers!


Product Features:

Height: 13cm (5.2 ") Approx 1\/2" Diameter
One Touch Personal Wind Proof Vaporizer
Refillable Butane Torch Lighter (needs to be filled first)
Adjustable Jet Flame
Soft Contoured Mouth peice
Made From Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Portable and Easy to Carry in pocket or purse

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Click N Vape Portable Mini Herbal Vape Pipe Torch

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