• Yocan Exgo W4 Full Starter Set With Nero Technology

Introducing the Yocan Exgo W4 Wax Vaporizer starter set, the latest update on the highely praised W3.  The W4 features nero coil technology which consists of a 5 nanometer heating element allowing large currents to pass through and heat the element to 1300F nearly instantly.  If your in the market for a Premium wax & concentrate vaping solution look no further than the W4 by Yocan.


Yocan EXgo W4 with Nero Technology Wax Vaporizer Tank.
State of the art Nero Technology no unhealthy wicks or coils.

Replaceable Nero heating element.
HD Pyrex glass and metals, NO plastic materials used.
Nero technology instantly heats up to 5x faster than the current vaporizers on the market.
Inner cap keeps glass clean during use and can easily be cleaned.
Nero Technology uses Eco-friendly materials that allows the consumers a cleaner way for vaping.


How to load concentrates?

To begin using the Exgo w4 lets first break down the tank and all its pieces. The exgo w4 vaporizer is comprised of the following:
Removable threaded mouth piece
Top cap
Nero Heating Element
Battery Base Attachment
Battery Base Attachment
1- Now that we've explained the individual pieces we can better explain how to load concentrates. Unscrew the top cap and take out the heating element.Load the concentrate directly onto the screen.
2- Once you've applied the dab, attach the heating element into the battery base attachament. and reattach the top cap. If you wish to see the Nero element heat up, simply unscrew the mouth piece.

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Yocan Exgo W4 Full Starter Set With Nero Technology

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