• Domeless Yocan Thor Dual Use E Nail with Nero Technology

Introducing the All New Thor Portable Domeless Enail by Yocan.  Sporting the latest state of the art Nero heating technology , the Yocan Thor replaces traditional Enails as well as Titanium Nails allowing Dual use by via water pipe or stand alone as a portable vaporizer.  The new cutting edge Nero technology uses a super thin material that allows the heating element to reach temperatures of up to 1300F in less than a second. Most vaporizer heating elements use alloy coils wraped around a wick or ceramic enclosure but Nero Technology impliments a super thin foil only 5 nanometers wide that allow currents to pass through quickly in turn creating an enormous amount of heat very quickly.  The Yocan Thor also has a universal connector for fitting nearly all bongs and water pipes making the Thor extremely adaptable , use it alone or use it on a bong , the future of Dabbing has arrived!



Domeless, No wick, no alloy.

Heating element creates very pure flavor.

Universal Water Pipe Connector

Quick Heating , 1300F in under a Second

Dual Functions, use Stand alone or Bong attachment

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Domeless Yocan Thor Dual Use E Nail with Nero Technology

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